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KeepCup x Star Wars - Star Wars - Chewbacca - Original - Medium 16oz / 454ml


Chewbacca has been loved by Star Wars fans for more than 40 years. Just like Chewbacca, our new KeepCup is big and kind (16oz). For the Wookiees among us. This is the KeepCup you've been looking for.

Press fit lid, lovely to drink from lid on or off. Lightweight and durable, reusable plastic. Drafted vessel for easy pour. Designed for drinking pleasure on the go.


Cup - Polypropylene #5
Band - Silicone #7
Lid - Polypropylene alloy #7
Plug - LDPE #4


容量 - 12oz / 340ml
高さ (蓋なし) - 111mm
高さ (底からバンドまで) - 61mm
底の直径 - 60mm

Manufacture location

Melbourne, Australia


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