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KeepCup for Corporates

Looking for more eco friendly ideas for your next corporate gift box?

More and more of us are becoming conscious of the impact that we have on the environment and with that has come a wave of corporate companies taking their own initiatives in the movement towards reuse!

We love to see more companies embracing an eco-friendly approach so to help in your aid in the movement we’ve put together some information on a great option to add to your corporate gift list!

A branded KeepCup 😮


Wastage consumes much of us at home and living a zero-waste lifestyle is a hard transition for even the most eco-friendly of us. So have you ever thought of the amount of waste generated in the workplace?

From paper in the office to plastic containers on your lunch break, building a sustainable office is a hard undertaking when it is probably the last task you are thinking of while trying to run a successful business.

However, we all have a part to play in the fight against pollution.

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Here's where KeepCups come in.

With an established recognisable brand, KeepCup has been on the mission to fight single use plastic from day one. We not only sell a sustainable product but we are always striving to spread the message of reuse which starts with the humble reusable coffee cup. As a staple in all offices, a reusable coffee cup such as KeepCup is a great opportunity to give your employees a present they can use in and out of the workplace that will also last for years to come. By branding your very own Eco Cups you are also able to make a clear statement on the kind of brand you represent. Perfect for new clients and employees alike, having a branded KeepCup will stand as a precedent for the prospective future of your company being responsible in all aspects including environmentally.

Forget the free gym memberships 💪

9 out of 10 employees in big companies say they feel more motivated and more loyal because of their employers’ efforts to be socially and environmentally responsible

— KeepCup

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Customisable options


The fun attitude of KeepCup as a brand is shown through our vibrancy and range in colour. Your own KeepCups can be designed to fit within your company colour branding, within the plug, lid and silicone band there are a variety of colour combinations you can choose from.

Cork Band laser printing

A stylish way to incorporate your brand into your very own KeepCup is through our cork band laser printing services. Brew Cork is a subtle way to bring a classic touch to your workplace.

Silicone Band Printing

Customisable KeepCups with the branding of your choice is available as a print on our silicone banding. This option allows your logo to be represented the closest to your original design as we offer one, two and three colour printing on our silicone bands.

Glass Printing

We offer glass printing for KeepCups in our Brew, Brew Cork and LongPlay series. This is another great customisable option and looks great in combination with a custom band too!

Silicone Band Deboss

Silicone Band Debossing is a more subtle use of branding that looks sleek and stylish.

Thermal Printing and Etching

For a longer lasting hot coffee, KeepCup Thermal is a great option for long days in the office. We provide printing and etching on the cup itself.

For customisation and general inquiries:

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