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ブルーボトルハンカチ 白

Coffee Time With Vaughan

Since its establishment in 2002, 'Blue Bottle Coffee' has been at the forefront of the speciality coffee movement, spreading from the United States to Japan. While their exquisite coffee is a given, the brand's dedication transcends mere taste, Blue Bottle adheres to a lifelong exploration of coffee, ensuring quality from the initial fruit stages all the way to the final drip of coffee.

Every Blue Bottle cafe is a sight to see, each space has vastly different designs that nonetheless convey their sincere approach to coffee. With each store having its own dedicated fanbase, this handkerchief design celebrates Blue Bottle fans and the different scenes that play out in their quest for a refreshing cup of coffee.

[About the brand]
'Coffee Time with Vaughan'
Vaughan is a lover of coffee. An avid coffee blogger and writer he has made his name in the Tokyo coffee scene and is the owner of the esteemed MIA MIA cafe in Higashi-Nagasaki. 'Coffee Time with Vaughan' is a brand that introduces the wonders of coffee through Vaughan's journey to his favourite coffee houses. Through captivating illustrations of café culture, CTWV advocates a lifestyle where coffee enthusiasts can enjoy fashion in their own unique way!

The collaboration series of 'Coffee Time with Vaughan' handkerchiefs showcase six renowned coffee shops, each playfully brought to life by six distinct designers.


100% Cotton


W 52cm x H 52cm

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