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Kit Light M - Black


A new twist on reuse.

The Kit is a Cup to Bottle 2-in-1 on the go. Lightweight travel mug with completely sealed leakproof sipper lid. Twist on the bottle extender for a convenient portable bottle.

Depending on the occasion, use as a cup to take out coffee, or transform your Kit into a water bottle for outdoor activities or long-term hydration.


Cup: Co-polyester clear plastic (Tritan)
Band: Silicone
Lid: Polypropylene plastic (PP)
Plug: Polypropylene plastic (PP)
Hang: Silicone
Extension: Co-polyester clear plastic (Tritan)
Cap: stainless steel/Polypropylene plastic (PP)
Gaskets: Silicone


M 12oz/340ml Cup |18oz 530ml Bottle

12oz - 114mm with lid, 104mm without lid
18oz - 205mm with lid, 117mm without lid
Diameter: base 82mm, widest point 84mm

Manufacture location

Melbourne, Australia


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