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Reusable Cup Etiquette

Reusable cups have been used for a little over a decade now in Australia after the introduction of reusable cups by KeepCup. In Japan where the coffee industry is still new and improving, the traditions and practices of reusable cups and the etiquette surrounding them are unfamiliar.

Using reusable cups are as simple as it seems, so here’s a little step by step guide on reusable cup etiquette!


Clean your reusable cup religiously and make sure it's dry before handing it over to your local barista.It may be annoying to clean your cup when you're on the go but as someone that has been on the other side of the coffee machine, a dirty cup leads to a longer wait time and an unhappy barista!


Make sure you hold on to the lid to reduce contact contamination. The less unnecessary contact the less chance of contamination!


If the barista is uncomfortable handling your reusable cup, ask if they are willing to decant your coffee from their in-house ceramic cups into your reusable.


Supporting local cafes that have eco initiatives is a sure way of making our communities more aware of the environment and spread change. 

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