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Did you know that Japan has the second-highest plastic waste emissions per person in the world?

The journey towards a lifestyle rid of convenience culture is a community effort so let's come together and make a difference.

Join the global reuse movement today!

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Why choose KeepCup?

Considered design

In 2009, we designed the world's first barista standard cup.
As an effort to reduce single-use coffee cup waste, our cup would be the first to prioritise usability for baristas while offering a delightful drinking experience.

Since then, our commitment to innovation has never wavered. With our expanded range of modular bottles, cold cups, and camper cups, KeepCup continues to lead the charge in promoting reuse. Loved by companies, sports teams, and as campaign gifts, our services are embraced by partners worldwide, making a significant impact in pushing sustainability forward.

Make it your own

KeepCup offers plenty of vibrant colours and contemporary designs, providing endless options to craft the perfect graduation gift for your teacher or cherished sports team memorabilia. From customising down to the silicone band, our cups invite excitement as you bring your unique creation to the office for your morning coffee!

Made to last

Designed to be loved and looked after for a lifetime, the KeepCup is crafted from high-quality, durable materials with minimal environmental impact. Our entire range is modular, allowing for part swapping and easy replacement when necessary. Furthermore, all our raw materials undergo independent lab testing and are certified free of BPA, BPS, and BPF.

Join a community of reusers

KeepCup is now available in over 75 countries with our users diverting billions of non-recyclable, single-use cups from landfill and counting!

As an official distributor of KeepCup in Japan; Less Plastic and KeepCup are working together to find ways we as a community can enact change and better our environment through reuse.

Our Less Plastic Solution

We would love to work together with your brand to make the first step towards sustainable business practices an easy one. Here are some suggestions on how we can work together:

  1. Custom KeepCup

  2. Returnable Project

  3. Rental Cup

1. Custom KeepCup

Let's make a cup that you'll want to use forever!

For many of our customers, using a KeepCup has been the beginning of their journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Crafting a personalised branded KeepCup serves as an excellent avenue for promoting your brand and showcasing your company's commitment to forward-thinking values. Here are some customisation options:

↑ Cork Engraving

Engrave your design onto our 100% recycled cork bands. The appeal of cork is its thermal insulation and comfort for holding while drinking. This is our most popular customisation option as cork engraving is unique and brings a sophisticated natural look to your branding.

↑ Custom Colour

All KeepCup products are customisable across our range allowing for infinite colour combinations. Mix and match the colour of individual parts to better represent your brand. This service is complimentary for all orders exceeding 10 KeepCups!

Laser Etching

Our Thermal range is designed for lasting drinking pleasure and is a luxurious option for branded merchandise. Custom laser etching scratches away the exterior coating revealing your design in stainless steel. This is a sleek customisation option that works for both detailed and block designs.

↑ Steel Printing

Showcase your brand on luxurious stainless steel in full colour. Utilising Pantone colours, this service allows you to perfectly capture your brand identity with precision.

Silicone Print/Deboss

Silicone band printing and debossing allows for a wider range of colour options. Print in full colour using the Pantone colour system or minimal black and white. Debossing refers to when a design is imprinted into the silicone band, creating a depressed effect. The deboss technique showcases your brand with understated sleekness.

↑ Glass / Plastic Printing

Display your design on our glass range and durable plastic models. Choose this service to present your design creatively, with the option of using multiple Pantone colours for a vibrant look or keeping it sleek and minimal in black or white.

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To learn more about our range, customisable options and specifics with our branded KeepCup service please email the Less Plastic team.

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KeepCup Range

Press-fit lid


Durable glass cup, removable silicone band.
Enjoyable lid on or off.

XS | S | M

Press-fit lid

Brew Cork

Glass cup for unaltered taste,
100% recycled cork band.

XS | S | M | L

Press-fit lid


Insulated stainless steel cup,
No taint to taste.

M | L

Press-fit lid


The Original KeepCup model.
Durable plastic cup available in clear or opaque.

S | M | L


Bottle Light

Lightweight plastic with silicone hanger.
Dual opening for easy clean and fill.

M | Kit


Bottle Mixed

Insulated 8H cold.
Dual opening for easy clean and fill.

S | M | L | Kit



Insulated 8H cold.
Dual opening for easy clean and fill.

S | M | L | Kit


Cold Cup Original / Cork

Plastic or Glass Cup with press fit straw lid.
Choose between Coffee straw or Boba straw.

M | L

Contact us to learn about our full range.

Case Study:
INPEX Corporation

In this custom cup case study, we delve into the experience of INPEX Corporation, a global energy supplier committed to sustainability. Operating in 20 countries, INPEX is dedicated to implementing eco-initiatives and Sustainable Development Goals across its operations. In this blog, we interviewed INPEX employees who have introduced environmentally friendly methods and work processes at the workplace with the use of KeepCup.

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2. A Less Plastic Project

Less Plastic, Healthier Planet.

'A Less Plastic Project' is our self titled service working collaboratively with businesses, cafes and individuals on projects to promote sustainability. This includes activities such as the below, but we are always looking for new and creative ways to work together!

  • Custom KeepCup with engraving service
    "The best reusable is the one you use"
    Our workshops let customers choose their own colour combinations along with an optional engraving service for cork band models.
  • Sustainable collaboration events
    Collaborative events can come in many forms, Less Plastic loves to work with passionate individuals that would like to drive positive change.
  • Returnable Cup service
    Our returnable cup service offers an excellent opportunity to familiarise the local community with the idea of reuse in restaurant, cafe and event settings, particularly for those who may be new to embracing sustainable practices.

Case Study:
Allpress Espresso Toranomon Hills

In September of 2023, we started our first 'Less Plastic Project' working in partnership with Allpress Espresso's Toranomon Cafe. For this ambitious project, Less Plastic gifted Allpress Espresso's Toranomon branch 30 reusable KeepCups to use for a sustainable experiment. Read on to learn how our project unfolded!

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A Less Plastic Project with Allpress Espresso Toranomon Cafe

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3. Rental KeepCup

Reusables at your next event

Looking for an eco-friendly solution to minimise waste at your event? We've got you covered! Rental reusable drinkware is an increasingly popular option in event planning; reducing wastage while enhancing the event experience and showcasing brand responsibility.

To learn more specifics on our rental service please email the Less Plastic team.

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Custom Cup Case Study

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Kamakura International Football Club

Custom Cup Case Study

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Allpress Espresso Toranomon Hills

Returnable Cup Project Case Study

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Collaborate with Less Plastic

Less Plastic is looking for new opportunities to spread the mentality of reuse. If you have any questions regarding our co-branding services or have a great idea on how to collaborate with us, please email us below!

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