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A Less Plastic Project: Returnable KeepCup with Allpress Espresso Toranomon

Last update: 9/11/2023

Introducing our newest 'A Less Plastic Project' a fantastic partnership with Allpress Espresso Toranomon Cafe.

In this exciting initiative, we're handing out reusable KeepCups to office workers, paving the way for a more sustainable coffee experience and making the switch to reuse a simpler one!

Join us as we delve into the details of this collaboration ☕️

A Less Plastic Project

'A Less Plastic Project' is an extension of our eco organisation, Less Plastic by Australian design import company JAU (Japan Australia United). Our organisation provides eco curious individuals with reusable options from Australia such as the reusable cup brand KeepCup and other sustainable lifestyle alternatives to aid in transitioning to a greener lifestyle.

This project, 'A Less Plastic Project,' is an ongoing collaborative effort in which we work on a personal level with motivated individuals, small businesses, and cafes to tailor initiatives aimed at facilitating sustainable practices.

About Less Plastic

Learn about JAU

Allpress Espresso Toranomon Cafe

Our latest endeavour involves partnering with the renowned specialty coffee roaster, Allpress Espresso, at one of their Japanese locations - the Allpress Espresso Toranomon Cafe. Originating in New Zealand, Allpress Espresso supplies specialty coffee beans to cafes and restaurants as well as running Allpress Espresso roasters and cafes internationally. The Toranomon Cafe, nestled on the second floor of the bustling Toranomon Hills Business Tower, serves many of the tower's office occupants.

Allpress Espresso Toranomon

The statistics around takeaway coffee cups are staggering. Its estimated 500 billion takeaway coffee cups are produced globally every year and the majority end up in landfill. - The War on Convenience by Allpress Espresso

Working together

Teaming up with the Allpress Espresso Toranomon team, we saw an opportunity to engage office workers in embracing reusability.

The initiative comprises returnable KeepCups that the Allpress Espresso staff will offer to customers opting for a sustainable alternative to disposable cups. Customers choosing the returnable cup option receive a 30 yen discount per cup, with no rental fee.

Participants are simply asked to lightly rinse borrowed cups and return them to the cafe on the same day. Given the assumption that most users are nearby office workers, the aim is for the KeepCups to seamlessly integrate into their routines - starting their workday with a reusable cup and then returning it to the cafe on their way home.

About KeepCup

Join us!

Both Less Plastic and the Allpress Espresso Toranomon team share the belief that this project will offer customers a convenient and effortless introduction to reusable coffee cups. By presenting the uncomplicated "borrow and return" option, we aspire to gradually shift from a 'throwaway' to a 'reuse' mindset in our daily habits.

Campaign Duration
September 11th - November 10th

Allpress Espresso Toranomon Cafe
Toranomon Hills Business Tower 2F,
1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Business hours
Weekdays 8:00-20:00
Weekends & holidays 9:00-18:00

Allpress Espresso Toranomon

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