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Beeswax Wrap - Gems


Plastic wrap is so 2020, ditch it and make the switch to sustainable beeswax wraps. Kickstart your low-waste lifestyle with our beeswax wraps Use them for wrapping foods from small veggies to leftovers to bigger items like baked goods & lunches.

We have an iconic range of prints offering vibrant colours or monochrome styles, there's a print for everyone.

We've tested them with onigiri and sushi, it retains the shape and protects your food. Great for picnics or bringing food to the office.


Simply wash your wrap with your hands after each use. Rinse it under warm or cold water or wipe it with a damp cloth and a little bit of detergent. Avoid heat and oily foods such as raw meats.

When your wrap starts to lose it's stickiness, you can easily replenish the wax with out DIY beeswax wrap bar. You can use the leftover wax and make your own wraps with your own cotton fabric too.


Organic Tasmanian beeswax, Natural tree resin, Pure jojoba oil & GOTS certified organic cotton


Small 17.5×17.5cm: Small cheeses, half cut small vegetables, avocadoes, snacks on-the-go

Medium 28x28cm: Best size for covering small bowls, lunch wraps, muffins/baked goods

Large 35x35cm: Best size for sandwiches, salad rolls, pumpkin/large vegetables, covering salad bowls

Giant 38x60cm: Best size for loaves of bread, Large leafy green vegetables

Roll 30cm x 140cm: Cut your own lengths of beeswax wraps to suit your needs!

Manufacture location

Hobart, Tasmania.


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