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MAMEYAハンカチ グレー

Coffee Time With Vaughan

Illustrated by Mariya Suzuki, the handkerchief showcases the renowned 'KOFFEE MAMEYA' café nestled in Omotesando.

What sets KOFFEE MAMEYA apart is its distinctive approach, akin to a personalised consultation rather than a typical café visit. Here, the well-informed baristas devote their time to recommend coffee tailored to your preferences.

Suzuki's design portrays a unique feature of the café—a small card akin to a prescription. This exclusive service is extended to patrons upon purchasing coffee beans at KOFFEE MAMEYA. The card serves as a comprehensive guide, offering insights into the beans, brewing suggestions, and personalised notes from the barista, equipping coffee aficionados with all they need to relish the essence of KOFFEE MAMEYA within the comfort of their own homes.

[About the brand]
'Coffee Time with Vaughan'
Vaughan is a lover of coffee. An avid coffee blogger and writer he has made his name in the Tokyo coffee scene and is the owner of the esteemed MIA MIA cafe in Higashi-Nagasaki. 'Coffee Time with Vaughan' is a brand that introduces the wonders of coffee through Vaughan's journey to his favourite coffee houses. Through captivating illustrations of café culture, CTWV advocates a lifestyle where coffee enthusiasts can enjoy fashion in their own unique way!

The collaboration series of 'Coffee Time with Vaughan' handkerchiefs showcase six renowned coffee shops, each playfully brought to life by six distinct designers.


100% Cotton


W 52cm x H 52cm

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