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Simple Studs

Champ Co

Lauren Steller, a Melbourne based architect and designer makes handmakes earrings, pendants and household accessories using recycled aeroplane tyres and rubber offcuts that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Her designs give recycled rubber an exciting new life with playful colour palettes and shapes.

The Simple Studs are simple stud earrings, handmade using recycled airplane types and rubber offcuts. They are statement pieces to show your support for sustainable manufacturing and reuse of waste material.

Each set comes with two pairs (total of four earrings).

Keep them stored flat on a horizontal surface - but if they get a little bent, stashed at the bottom of your bag (whoops!), lay them on a flat surface in the sun for half an hour or so and they will be good again!


Recycled airplane tyres & waste rubber offcuts.

High grade stainless steel posts and backings.



Manufacture location

Melbourne, Australia

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