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Join the millions of people who use KeepCup to reduce disposable cup waste. Less Plastic, Healthier Planet.

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Summer ready with Cold Cup

Equipped with a reusable straw and secure straw lid, the Cold Cup is perfect for all iced drinks. Takeaway your iced latte, smoothie and bubble tea with Cold Cup, available in Glass Brew with a cork band or the lightweight and durable Original Cup.

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A Less Plastic Project

Our newest 'A Less Plastic Project' a fantastic partnership with Allpress Espresso Toranomon Cafe.

In this exciting initiative, we're handing out reusable KeepCups to office workers, paving the way for a more sustainable coffee experience and making the switch to reuse a simpler one!

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What is KeepCup? A little story.

The first KeepCups (キープカップ) were sold to coffee-loving Melbournians in 2009 at a small pop up market. Instantly, people recognized KeepCup as the sustainable solution to the problem of single-use packaging and the volume of waste entering the environment. From those first KeepCups sold, the reuse movement rapidly gained momentum, thanks to the endorsement and support of the café and roaster community.

KeepCup's primary goal has always been to kickstart a shift in behaviour, replacing disposability for reusability. Today, KeepCup has played a pivotal role in defining a new product category - Reusables.

Take a look at how KeepCup got started.

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KeepCup's Design

KeepCup - The Barista Standard Reusable Eco Coffee Cup

Learn about KeepCup's design and what makes it a perfect reusable cup for coffee and tea.

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Reusable Coffee Cups & Water bottles

Make sustainability stylish

KeepCup started in a cafe in Melbourne with the simple idea of prioritising reusable over disposable. Our founder's culmination of barista experience and passion for sustainability introduced KeepCup to the world; a drinkware brand designed for coffee lovers and baristas alike.

KeepCup has since branched out into all sorts of drinkware, now including a bottle range for the reuser on the go. Check out the full range to find the perfect match for you!

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Coffee Supreme

KeepCup❤️☕️ Coffee Supremeの上田さん



売上から得た収益は、サステナブルな行いをより広く認知してもらうためのコンテンツ制作やイベント開催等に投資しています。また、売上の1%を非営利団体「1% For The Planet」に寄付して、地球をより良い場所にするための世界的な活動を支援しています。



Mia Mia Tokyo

KeepCup❤️☕️ Mia Mia and Vaughan Allison

KOFFEE MAMEYAの三木隆真さん + KeepCup = ❤️

KeepCup × Sustainable Business

More and more of us are becoming conscious of the impact that we have on the environment and with that has come a wave of corporate companies taking their own initiatives in the movement towards reuse!

We love to see more companies embracing an eco-friendly approach so to help in your aid in the movement we’ve put together some information on a great option to add to your corporate gift list!

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