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Our mission

We're here to make sustainability a part of our everyday routine through reuse. From the home, to the cafe, to your workplace - reuse should be a part of every context.

Less Plastic's mission is not about removing plastic from our lives, but using less of it. When plastic is used in a way that is reusable, it is more sustainable. Eliminating plastic totally from our lives is not a practical goal, so the goal is to use it wisely.

We work together with Australian sustainable brands KeepCup, SUSTOMi and Champ.Co to provide products and advice on forming good reuse habits.


We have partnered with KeepCup to collaborate on a shared mission: raising awareness in Japan about the issue of excessive plastic consumption.

KeepCup, hailing from the coffee capital of Australia, Melbourne, has solidified its position as a globally renowned brand for reusable cups, with an impressive track record of selling over 10 million cups worldwide. This iconic brand has earned its place as a household name in the coffee industry across Australia, Europe, and America.

Our partnership now enables us to offer KeepCup products to some of Japan's finest cafes. Additionally, we're supplying businesses and companies with KeepCups, facilitating their use among employees in the workplace. Together, we aim to make a meaningful impact in reducing plastic waste in Japan!

About KeepCup


SUSTOMi is the solution for your single use plastic woes. Offering a range of lifestyle, storage and organisation products, SUSTOMi seamlessly blends sustainability & style.

Born out of the small island of Tasmania in Australia, Bronwyn Kidd started SUSTOMi out of her passion of helping people live a happier, healthier organised life whilst also protecting the environment. Best known for their fun reusable beeswax wraps made from Australian beeswax and organic cotton; you'll find any excuse to show them off on your office lunch breaks!

📖 Interview with SUSTOMi founder


Champ is a sustainable homeware brand with a twist.
Made from durable, recycled rubber from airplane tyres; architect Lauren Steller designs tableware and jewellery that keeps everyone at the dinner table entertained.

From puzzle placemats to geometric trivets, Champ is ideal for entertaining children, protecting your coffee table from spills, and acting as an icebreaker during awkward family dinners. Innovative, long-lasting, and most importantly fun!

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Less Plastic by JAU

JAU (Japan Australia United) is a Tokyo-based Australian design import company. JAU curates the finest offerings from the Australian design community, featuring unique interior objects such as natural incense, sustainable blankets, and an array of reusable items showcased at our Tomigaya store.

Founded by Sonny Mai, JAU serves as a cultural bridge connecting Japan and Australia through the exchange of design narratives from Australian creators. Driven by a deep commitment to sustainable and enduring design, Less Plastic emerged as an eco-focused initiative in tandem with JAU.

Less Plastic is dedicated to advancing the mission of reuse and furthering JAU's objective of highlighting the best of Australian design and culture. Together, we strive to make a meaningful impact in promoting sustainability and timeless design.

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Our Commitment

As part of our commitment to the environment, we donate 1% of revenue to '1% For The Planet', an organisation that assists in positive environmental action around the world.

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