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Brew Cork


Small - 8oz / 227ml⟶

Medium - 12oz / 340ml⟶

Large - 16oz / 454ml⟶




Small - 8oz / 227ml⟶

Medium - 12oz / 340ml⟶




Medium - 12oz / 340ml ⟶

Recycled Wood Band

Brew Wood

Featuring a band made from upcycled timber manufacturing waste, it provides an organic texture and ever-changing patina that’s perfect for your favourite roast.

Medium - 12oz / 340ml ⟶

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KeepCup is great for reducing your waste when ordering your favourite takeaway coffee and tea, but what about everything else?

Reuse more around the house and when you go out. We have a carefully selected selection of products from our Australian designers to help you with everyday-reuse.

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KeepCup Bottle Collection

KeepCup Spare parts

Did you lose or break a part? Don't worry, don't throw away your cup. We have spares available. Please email us ( which colour you'd like and we'll see if we have it before ordering. Let us know know which model cup you have and the size. A picture will help us too.

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